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1/4 初仕事&初飲み



In the evening, I got communication from Takuo Miyanaga, and I decided to drink with him at Koenji. 

I can share a premise about contemporary performing arts with him. We talked about the recent TV program & the entertainment world. Don't despise TV. We think that there are some good producers in TV, especially 12ch. 

And we thought about a success example of an actor. I think actor's success is different from director's one. Once the mass-media age, television & radio were places of activities for actors. For example, some night radio programs provided fascinating times to teenage boys and girls, and these programs released actors into the society. Of course it brought them money.

Unfortunately, there may not be such a place now. However, various small media exists now. This is a chance making the new world.


What will the person express it for? 

I think that some expression are not necessary. Silence is one of the courages. 

Don't hurry, however, work steadily. 


Anyway, I want few writers who can write stimulating reviews.

They can connect some good performing arts to the society.