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The Diary of Woman In A Port 7


To be, or not to be, that is the question. I always have to make some kind of decision. Ultimately that responsibility belongs to myself. But has I really decided? Sometimes I have been moved by something external. For example, my dream is sometimes suggestive.
He tried to give me a rice bag. But the bag was empty, because he couldn’t find a place to buy rice. He said.
“Sorry… I really want to give you…!”

I replied, “It’s OK. I really appreciate your kindness and all the efforts. You've already helped me so much. Maraming salamat po. Tapos my flight time will come soon... I have to leave now.”

We hugged, and he kissed me.



After this curious dream, I met him in the real world. I told him my decision, that was my answer for the question : to be or not to be. Finally we hugged again but of course without kissing.