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The Diary of Woman In A Port 2


I was waiting for the bus at the terminal in 7 hours. 7 hours...? It was also like a ceremony, might be the suffering of Holy Week. Despite this terrible congestion, all Filipinos were not irritated. There were only few attendants and police men, however they formed a gentle order to care for each other. Crowd, trashs, pollution, strong sunshine... They accepted everything. I followed them because they seemed respectable. But on the other hand, I thought "Why am I suffered like this heavy experience? I don't have any families in this country..." Besides, my laptop has broken in this 7 hours celemony. Maybe I was a monk. Finally I felt my spiritual level had gone up a notch.


After this experience and more 6.5 hours trip, I met him at Dingalan. I know, he is the "ex-xxxxx". I'm convinced because he is a very attractive guy. He said "Nice to meet you. You are a good dancer, aren't you? I heard." ...Okey, I drunk some Red Horse and then I jumped into some groups of shy local young people. Mary Jane's songs inspired and pushed us. Surely I heard the sound "the wall" breaks, and everyone began to dance freely. What a crazy night. He watched my DANCE and said "Grabe siya!"

On the 2nd day I was gifted the grace of God. After the good morning conversation (including about "A Woman In A Port"), we got on 2 boats and swam in the Pacific. Actually this was the first time swimming in the Philippines for me. In the secret cove under a lighthouse, I found a cancer's corpse. He died, but his soul may be watching such a beautiful world.



The mother and the young sister of Ness came from their province. They gave me a masalap baked cake and a bottle of Lambanog (local liquor of Dingalan). They are very gentle and looks like family. Of course? What is family? They are one of the answers.
After the dinner together with the mayor of this town, his bodyguard told me his story a little. He was working at a shop in Ueno in 7 years during 80's-90's. So he can speak Japanese well. But I couldn't ask him what kind of shops.
In the night, I went to a beach and listened to sounds of waves under the moon. There are many stars in the dark sky, but I didn't know how to find Cancer. In the legend, Cancer was trampled by Hercules' foot. He was defeated to the hero by his compassion to his friend. But as the courage was appreciated, Cancer became one of the constellations.
In the distance, a lighthouse was flashing. I guessed there was the cancer's corpse underneath. That will soon be erased by winds and waves.