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2/5-8 白馬というか回転木馬

*2/5 ロロ『LOVE02』

I watched lolo "LOVE02", hear the voice of Hideo Furukawa in their post performance talk. The indication of Furukawa was scathing for lolo, in spite of his gentle voice.

I think that "LOVE02" is very good. However, I feel this frontage is small. In the next work, I hope them try to write on a different theme.




*2/6 New media

I interviewed a young famours actor. He is very clever, charming, and erotic. His words are very poetic.


In the night, Tomofumi Hashimoto comes to Koenji. He want to make a new media. I will cooperate with his trial.


*2/7 Yokohama

I met to Yshio Otani in Yokohama, and talked him while eating a pizza and drinking red wine. Then we moved to a standing bar. His words stuck in me. We thought "postwar generation".