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BricolaQ(の日記 by 藤原ちから

1/13-19 This week


*1/13 "Akemashite mum&gypsy"(a happy new year mum&gypsy)@SNAC, Kiyosumishirakawa

Movies of mum&gypsy 2011 were shown in this event.

"A Stranger"

"Kaerinoaizu, Mattetasyokutaku, soko, kitto, Shiofurusekai"

"K to mayonakanohotoride"


I talked with Takahiro Fujita & Keisuke Sakurai in this event. Fujita told that he wanted to draw his gloomy part more. I think that mum&gypsy will accomplish. They will show the new world.



*1/14-16 writing

I spent 3 days in my house or nealy cafe, and writing a theater review.

I wrote this review for young theatrical people. I wanted them to know technique and knowledge of Oriza Hirata. I decided not to use explanatory notes in this sentence. In addition, I tried some experiments about my writing style.




Oh, yes, I went to Rokujigen of Ogikubo for the first time.



*1/17 Roji

The new annual convention of Roji. Roji is the free paper which I distributed in Shimokitazawa with some members. I met Takuo Miyanaga accidentally.




*1/18 Shaoxing

In Musashino Art University, a meeting of "mau leaf".


In the night, I made arrangements with an editor for a certain plan. We drank Shaoxing. Then a director whom I wanted to talk to appeared accidentally. We drank Shaoxing together.


*1/19 Q "Pool"

At Ikebukuro, meeting of a certain plan. I decided to receive her request.


I watched a theater play named "Pool" of Q. It was a drama with deep attachment to excrement. Satoko Ichihara(Q) always draws "libido of girls in early twenties". A strange groove was born in the last part. They will become really interesting after this.

Afterwards, I drank with two writers.