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1/6 精神的禁酒の害について


* HEADZ presents versions vol.2

I went the live music performance "HEADZ presents versions vol.2" @Shibuya O-nest. The performers are "skilkills", "sim", "Kukangendai & ECD". It was the first good event in the New Year. I talked with various people. Yoshio Otani approached me with a confidential talk, if this secret plan is realized, I am very glad.



*Stop drinking mentally

On this day, I send some e-mails to various people. These e-mails are some open windows to others.

I stop drinking mentally now. It means, I don't intend to drink with any people so positively. I want to stay in my room as much as possible. However, I go to Kita-Kyusyu soon. I will go to various places this year. In those unknown places, I want to meet various people.

Now, my willpower is substantial. For a big aim, I want to make many efforts little by little. But, various complicated things will bother me. So, I want to take distance out of such things. Don't bother me. I must read more books, watch more cinema.

Simply, I want to conclude good relations with people. I feel need to spend more time on meetings for each person. I can say the same thing about theater play. I must stop in front of each work, and spend more time there. Don't consume a work easily!