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さて今年は、日本語と英語のチャンポンで書いてみます。果たしてどこまで続くかな? 日本語だと書けないようなことが出てくると面白いなー。(ますます読まれなくなってしまいそう……)


Many people will advance with various hopes in this year, 2012. I am one of them, too. It means, not only one of the Japanese people, but also one of a person of the world. I will not fear becoming a missing child. I would like to meet with the strange and unknown world. My future begins from this idea. I hope so.

Today, few hours later, I will go to watch the soccer game "Tenno-hai", FC TOKYO vs KYOTO. The game is felt very much for pleasure. So, I must sleep. This will become my 1st dream. In Japanese, this dream is calld "Hatsu-yume".



I'm a supporter of FC TOKYO, we win! Very happy!!!






In the night, I watched TV program "Dilemma of Nippon". That was not so bad. (Will you hear such a way of speaking arrogantly?) Especially, NHK announcer Jun Hori seems clever. But I feel difficulty in frame of "forum". I always feel irritation at this frame. How may young people having various specialized fields accumulate their significant opinions? This problem is to be able to say about other various fields. (Of course also say about performing arts.) I want common premises laying a foundation of arguments.

However, Japan will turn big from now on. What kind of words will be required then? After the 90s, sociology and psychology gained power. In particular, sociology seems to still survive. However, the position where the sociologist stands is inarticulate. It may be an interesting point. Talk about the nation? About big situations? About social system? About way of life of the individual? Of course it's different by a disputant. Where do they talk from? Whom do they talk for? What kind of words do they talk by? Some such points will be important. How can people be linked to the world?

I think that the last music shouldn't have been SMAP. 



And today, I watched the movie "The War of the Worlds (1953)". Regardless of the strenuous efforts of characters, the story should be over.